Should You Get An iPhone 5 Or Wait For iPhone 6?

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There is no doubt that one of the most hyped devices this year is the iPhone 5. Many people are waiting to get hold of one and owners of the older iPhones like the 4S are wondering whether they should get one or wait for the release of the iPhone 6.

iPhone users: upgrade to iPhone 5 or wait for iPhone 6?

When it comes to design Apple always push their iPhones with each new device that has been released and the iPhone 5 isn’t an exception. One of the main differences is that the device is 18% lighter than other iPhones. While this may not sound a lot, when you have the device in your hand it is a lot. The back plate has been changed and it is now made from aluminium, instead of glass.

The largest change with the iPhone 5 is the screen size, which is now 4 inches instead of 3.5 inches. The screen is longer but not wider and with devices having larger and larger displays, this is something that has been welcomed by Apple fans. One problem this has brought about is that not all apps have been updated to fit the new screen and so some show black bars at the top and bottom.

The iPhone 5 has been said not to be too different for the iPhone 4S, however it does look and feel very different. The downside to changing the back is that it is prone to being scratched and scuffed. However if you put it in a case this protects it without taking away from the looks.

There have been a lot of performance changes, including the A6 processor. There is no lag when using the phone and the processor is now twice as fast as the one in the 4S. Webpages load very fast as the device has LTE and if you want the very latest device then the iPhone 5 is worthwhile upgrading to. The speed beat the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Thanks to the processor the camera is now around 40% faster, however the hardware of the camera has not been updated. There are reports also of purple flaring in photos taken, which means the better camera is on the iPhone 4S.

In conclusion the iPhone 5 is a great device and it is among the best on the market at the moment. You will be able to upgrade with confidence, however it is a pricey device and if you are still in contract, it might be worth holding onto your 4S, which is still a great device, until we see what Apple has in store for the iPhone 6. If you are an older iPhone model user and are eligible to upgrade, then do so as the iPhone 5 was a major redesign hence the iPhone 6 may be more of a minor upgrade over it.

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