iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S: Is It Silly To Buy A 4S Now?

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Retail checks from November tell us that the Apple iPhone 4S remains a strong seller and it is in front of the iPhone 5, but still behind the Samsung Galaxy S3 for the year.

When it comes down to choosing between the Apple iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S though, the drop in price along with developments in the App Store go the way of the newer iPhone 5.

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Apple has managed to catch up with demand for the iPhone 5 and now shipping is around 2 to 4 days, if you buy the device in the Apple Store. So is there any reason why you might still opt for the iPhone 4S? The price could be in its favour of course.

Then again the Apple iPhone 5 has seen a cut in price in US stores lately. You can get the iPhone 5 over at Walmart for only $127, this means you save $72 when compared with the Apple Store.

Thanks to the recent drop in price, the Apple iPhone 5 would be the better deal thanks to the device having the larger display. On the topic of the display, wahen you check the App Store you will find that most of the popular apps are now finally getting updated to accommodate the larger display of the Apple iPhone 5. There are also rumours going around that Apple may release the iPhone 5S earlier than expected, at the WWDC in June, so this has to be considered too as it will likely retain the 4-inch screen and mean that developers will be focusing on the bigger screen sizes with their new apps and updates.

There is one main drawback when considering the Apple iPhone 5 over the iPhone 4S however. This is the build quality on the exterior of the handsets. An iPhone 4S of two years old can still look just as good as the day it was bought, just look at mine! This sadly, cannot be said with the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is never going to look as good as new in a year or two as we have seen from our test unit and those owned by our staff. The iPhone 4 and 4S will have the advantage of being able to weather daily use better.

Nevertheless if looks aren’t an issue, or you don’t plan on hanging on to it that long (or even if you plan on slapping a case on it), we would recommend the iPhone 5 after the recent price cuts. You can’t argue with the benefits of LTE, faster processor and the large Retina screen.

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