Forget iPhone 5, The 4S Gets A New Lease On Life

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With the launch of the iPhone 5 people are already getting in line to be among the first to get their hands on the new phone. However some are saying that Apple could have done even better with their latest generation handset and they don’t plan on buying it.

iPhone 5 is newer but don’t underestimate 4S with iOS 6

Some of the sparkle was missing from the Apple event due to the fact that before the event took place we knew what was going to happen thanks to the specs and features of the phone being leaked. The iPhone 5 is not cheap either, which puts some off and some are stuck in contract with the iPhone 4S. So there are those who will pass on this year’s offering from Apple and who will wait and see what is released next year.

But perhaps the wait won’t be so bad given that one of the biggest differences to the iPhone 5 is iOS 6, while will be making its way to owners of the iPhone 4 and 4S.

As Apple are launching the iOS 6 update before the iPhone 5 hits shops on the 21st September, you can install it on your iPhone 4S and then make your mind up whether to stick or go out and buy the latest model. Of course even with the update to iOS 6 on your old iPhone you will not benefit from the thinness of the new iPhone 5, which Apple say is the thinnest in the world. But is that and the extra half-inch worth the cost of upgrade?

So will you be joining the madness for the iPhone 5 or will you be making do with a makeover of your iPhone 4 or 4s?

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