iPhone 5 vs 4S: Don’t Put The iPhone 4S Down Yet

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The Apple iPhone 4S along with the Apple iPhone 5 are superb handsets. Out of the two the Apple iPhone 5 is the newest handset but just like the 4S it does have advantages along with disadvantages. So which of these two devices is the best for you?

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S (comparison)

The Apple iPhone 5 does have twice the speed of its predecessor and it is feature packed with all the latest hardware. The display of the handset is larger and it comes with support for LTE. These are the biggest two differences between the handsets. Both of them have the same OS and they have cameras that are very similar. Both of the handsets also perform as well as each other in regards to the performance of popular apps and when it comes to style, the Apple iPhone 4S may be outdated but its styling is as classy as the iPhone 5.

Meanwhile the Apple iPhone 5 did get a face lift and the materials have been updated. While this is merely a small difference it does have its downsides. The Apple iPhone 4S could look like new when you have owned and taken care of it for a couple of years. Sadly the same thing cannot be said about the Apple iPhone 5 and its aluminium finish. This scratches very easily, no matter how well you take care of the handset. So it tends to show its age quicker than the glass-back iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 5 is very light and some people think it is too light for a handset that is classed as being premium. The weight is something that Apple has bragged about when they said that the Apple iPhone 5 was the lightest device in the world. However thanks to it being light and thin there have been reports of the device bending after being sat on; thanks to lightness and thinness though it is still considered to be better on paper at least.

One of the biggest differences between the Apple iPhone 5 and the Apple iPhone 4S is the size of the display. The newer phone has a screen of 4 inches while the older has a 3.5 inch display. While this may not seem all that big, it does actually make a lot of difference. However the size of the display is not as big as the 4.8 inches of the Samsung Galaxy S3 it does show that Apple may be catching up with rivals who have showed the path to bigger screens on smartphones.

The Apple iPhone 5 has support for LTE and it does have hardware that is more powerful than the 4S. However if you don’t have to have LTE in your area there really isn’t good enough reason for you to ditch the Apple iPhone 4S and upgrade. All games play smooth on the Apple iPhone 5 but at the same time they work just as well on the Apple iPhone 4S. So LTE is only important if you happen to reside in a region that enjoys good sized coverage, otherwise the hardware argument is moot at this point.

Software wise, some of the apps have been revised to take the larger displayof the iPhone 5  into account, while others have not and this means you see a black bar at the top and bottom of the screen making it the same as viewing on an iPhone 4S.

If you can hang on and don’t need to rush into buying a new handset then you might want to wait and find out what Apple will bring to the table when they release the Apple iPhone 5S or iPhone 6. This has been rumoured to happen in the summer. If you do need to get a new device now then you might want to choose the Apple iPhone 4S as it is the cheapest of the two devices and it does have better durability. It also comes with the same OS, storage and better battery life. It also has a smoother vibration motor and the weighty, solid feel all add to that premium feeling always associated with owning an iPhone. If you do want a display that is larger and you want LTE then you will no doubt fork out the extra dough for the Apple iPhone 5.

The Apple iPhone 4S is available at Walmart on a two year contract with a price tag of $47. Thanks to the low price tag the device is a best seller and it has been in second place on the list of the best-selling handsets all the way to the end of 2012, with the Samsung Galaxy S3 holding top spot.

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