iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S: Tougher Choice Than You Think

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The Apple iPhone 5 and the 4S are two of the must have devices for Apple fans. While the iPhone 5 may be the newer of the two, each of them have their advantages and disadvantages. So which might be the best for you?

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S

The Apple iPhone 5 comes with hardware that is up to date and this means that it is the faster of the two. It has a display that is larger, along with LTE, and these are the biggest differences. Both of the handsets have the same software, cameras that are almost equally as good, along with styling that is also very similar.

Still the Apple iPhone 5 has been redesigned slightly and has different looks to the Apple iPhone 4S and 4. However this difference is not large and the style change does come with downsides. The average Apple iPhone 4S will look as good as new when you have had it for a year or so, however this will not be the same with the Apple iPhone 5.

The aluminium on the back of the Apple iPhone 5 scratches easily and this means that the device will not remain unblemished for very long. The build is sleeker looking and the device is lighter and Apple claim that it is the lightest device in the world. Some people have said that the light feel does not work well as it doesn’t offer a premium feel. Some say that the Apple iPhone 5 has a flimsy feel to it and there have been reports of the device bending after being sat on (rear pocket) frequently. As handsets do seem to be trending towards being lighter the Apple iPhone 5 leads the way though.

One of the biggest advantages that the Apple iPhone 5 has over the iPhone 4S is the size of the display. The display is now 4 inches, compared to 3.5 inches. This might not seem to be such a change; however it does make a big difference. Of course the display size is nowhere close to the 4.8-inch of the Samsung Galaxy S3, however Apple is slowly catching up with the displays of Android devices. The larger display is an improvement over the Apple iPhone 4S.

The Apple iPhone 5 comes with LTE and more powerful hardware. However if you don’t plan on making use of LTE, then there is no real reason for making the upgrade. Playing games on the Apple iPhone 4S is equally as smooth as the iPhone 5 and unless you are with Verizon and enjoy a wide LTE coverage map, then LTE doesn’t really matter. It is also important to note that some of the most popular apps are still waiting to be updated to accommodate the larger screen size. Until then we see black bars on the top and bottom of most apps on the iPhone 5.

If you are not in any rush to make the upgrade then you could hang on for the Apple iPhone 5S or the 6. However if you want to upgrade now from the Apple iPhone 4, the 4S is the cheaper option and it is more durable and comes with the same OS and storage options. You would also have a hard time in finding the difference between photos taken with the 8 megapixel cameras as with any other functionality when using it. If you want a device with a larger display then you might consider moving to any of the Android devices on the market too.

You can get the Apple iPhone 4S at Walmart with a two year contract for just $47. The price has helped the device to sell well and it is in second place behind the Samsung Galaxy S3 as the best-selling handset of 2012.

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