iPhone 5 vs One X vs Galaxy S3: More Than Meets The Eye

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Anyone who is looking around for a new phone right now has plenty of options to choose from. However if you want a device with a great camera then you have to choose wisely and you could look at the Apple iPhone 5, the HTC One X or the Samsung Galaxy S3.

According to GforGames the sensors were tested on the cameras to find out which was best when it came to different settings. When it came to degradation of the background it was the HTC One X which was worse as it tended to over sharpen. The Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 both came out well.

When comparing the colours the Apple iPhone 5 was the best thanks to it handling a far wider range of scenarios and producing colours that were warmer and which had a more natural look to it. The Samsung Galaxy S3 offered photos that were very similar to those of the Apple iPhone 5, while the HTC One X gave results that were too warm and which showed a yellowish hue sometimes.

When it came to exposure the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 both were as good as each other. However the HTC One X shots were underexposed and images came out dark. When it came to the dynamic range it was the Apple iPhone 5 that stood out as the shots were superb in different lighting conditions. The Samsung Galaxy S3 along with the HTC One X trailed behind. However the Samsung Galaxy S3 did have a superb flash and the shots were the best.

For video it was the Apple iPhone 5 that came out on top for HD recording and it was able to offer video that was sharp when it came to details, with the colours being more natural. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was the winner when it came down to reducing the amount of noise from wind, while the HTC One X was behind thanks to the fact that it could not perform in low light and the details on shots were low.

All in all best camera was on the Apple iPhone 5 and this was the easiest to use and it was fast. The HTC One X along with the Samsung Galaxy S3 was not too far behind and these did have more controls, including the burst mode. The most suitable would be down to personal choice of course.

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