iPhone 5 vs HTC DROID DNA: 5 Reasons Why DNA Wins

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Last week we gave 5 reasons why you should pick the iPhone 5 over the HTC DROID DNA. This week it’s time to reverse it and see what strengths the DROID DNA has over the iPhone. So here are 5 reasons why the HTC DROID DNA is better than the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 vs HTC DROID DNA: 5 reasons why DNA is better

You have app associations under your control as you can choose the default app for several core functions. This includes being able to set Chrome as the default web browser and sync across different platforms.

You have total control over what to do with your files. For instance there are many things you can do with an image in the photo gallery. You can delete it, move it, copy it, see details about it or even print it.

The lock screen on the HTC DROID DNA is very useful as you can customise it and have it how you want it, with the information that you want. You can also add shortcuts thanks to HTC Sense.

You have total control over your keyboard, which means that you can change it if you don’t like the HTC Keyboard. You could have Swype or Swiftkey.

There are plenty of widgets to choose from which you can have on your home screen. This means you can get information without having to actually open up an app on the HTC DROID DNA. This is not available on iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 yet.

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