iPhone 5 vs Next Nexus Phone: One Android To Rule Them All

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The new iPhone 5 will have a barrage of competing devices not only from Android but also Windows Phone 8, to tackle this year alone.

iPhone 5 vs upcoming Nexus phone: what it needs to be a winner

Motorola are expected to be releasing their Droid Razr HD, while Samsung are launching the Galaxy Note 2 onto the market. Google are also said to be expanding their Nexus series as well. At the moment Google are keeping quiet about the new Nexus handset and speculations are going around that they may launch more than one new Nexus onto the market this year. This is thought to be an attempt to drag people away from the iPhone 5 and the Windows Phone 8 handsets, which includes the Nokia Lumia 920. Whatever Google plans to do with Nexus, if it is to beat the iPhone 5 then it needs to tick some important boxes first:

Carriers – people want choices when it comes to carrier. They don’t want to be stuck with just one carrier. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was available only on Verizon on contract at the start before another version was released for the Sprint network. Of course there was the option of buying the GSM device unlocked, but that came at a high price. The new Nexus should therefore be available with all the main US carriers simultaneously, just like the iPhone 5 does with its launches. The price of the device could also be dropped to around $300 as we’ve already seen the impact the Samsung Galaxy Nexus had with sales when Google started selling it directly for just $399.

Google may want to consider being faster when it comes to supplying updates to their customers. Those with Verizon were waiting a month just to get a bug fix update for their handset, and what happened to the update for Jelly Bean? Google needs to work kinks like this out if it want the Nexus brand to truly stand for something.

The new Nexus device should have a new design when it comes to materials, as some say that the plastic doesn’t make it look like a high end phone in the $300 plus price range. The design of Galaxy Nexus is nice, but it’s nothing when you look at it at the iPhone 5 which oozes of luxury. With the Nexus series featuring stock Android and the Holo UI truly being a work of art, the Nexus phones need to match this beauty on the exterior as well.

The next Nexus handset needs to have a better battery. The battery has been improved thanks to the bug fix update; however it could be a lot better. The iPhone 5 is said to have superb battery life, so the new Nexus will have to step up to the plate if it is to shake of the usual criticism of Android devices and their battery life.

One thing that everyone wants for the new Nexus is software that is free of bugs. Therefore Jelly Bean needs to have all the little kinks ironed out of it before it’s released on the new Nexus handset. The iPhone 5 is trusted because the iPhone brand has been synonymous with simplicity and the fact that “it just works”. The next Nexus phone may just be able to pull this off given that just like the iPhone 5, the device’s hardware is designed around the full capabilities of the Android OS that is launched with. This is because the purposed of a Nexus phone is to truly show the capabilities of the new Android OS that launches with it.

If Google and its selected hardware partner can pull this off, it may be the first step to addressing the paranoia most iPhone users have of the Android platform. It will also set the right groundwork for other Android phone manufacturers to follow and in the long run eliminate any weak chains the Android ecosystem has.

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