iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: S3 Isn’t Just Another Android Drone

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Since the iPhone 5 launch it’s been compared many times to the Samsung Galaxy S3. These comparisons have looked at the cameras, benchmark tests, browsing speeds, screens and so on. The iPhone 5 has some amazing hardware, and can take just about any Android phone. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is still a crowd-pleaser, though. Why?

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: why S3 is special

The iPhone 5 was recently shown to be faster on paper (Geekbench scores), but many are still loving the Samsung Galaxy S3 as it’s more powerful. By powerful, we don’t mean numbers only.

Being fast is great, but a smartphone needs to be a bit more rounded and smart as well. Benchmark tests look at speed, but don’t look at smartness, so miss out half of the story.
A decent smartphone has to be able to do much more than the average phone can. This is where the iPhone 5 starts to fall behind the Android crew. for starters you can’t customize the iPhone 5 as much as the Samsung Galaxy S3, and despite its slinky OS and exclusive App store, it’s limited because of this. It’s also limited with web browsing.

Rumours from months back were about a video projector and a holographic keyboard coming to the iPhone 5. This surprisingly got Apple fans excited despite sounding overboard. It just went to show that Apple fans want innovation as much as Android as well, even if they seem bonkers. As it is, the iPhone 5 is one of the most basic phones in this high-end section, even though it is faster than a lot of others.

The Samsung Galaxy S3, on the other hand, has loads of clever features, which is why tech fans love it. You can take a screenshot by sliding the palm over the screen, for example. This doesn’t seem all that amazing, but it’s just one tiny feature among all the others that add up to make it a brilliant device. Other good examples of its trickery include the ability to let you abandon a text and call the person instead merely by raising the phone to your ear. It also tracks your eyes to see if you look away – when you do, it shuts down the display to save power. There’s also wireless charging, NFC, MHL and the usual Android gizmos like being able to change launchers, ROMs, keyboards and select your own default apps for native functions like web browsing, calling, texting and so forth.

Both phones have a place in the market. However Samsung have done a number on their Galaxy S3 by way of loads of immensely handy features that attract consumers to Android despite its more complicated nature. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is Android done right.

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