iPhone 5 vs BlackBerry Z10: Guess Which Is Built Like A Tank, Wrong

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The Blackberry Z10 is selling well and it may just be enough to change the fate of the company. But how tough is the handset? This is something that we wanted to know, so what might happen to it if you dropped the device onto concrete? Well it is bad and not just this, but the results are worse than with the Apple iPhone 5.

You should check out the video by Mashable below and this will show you just how the device fairs when put through a test drop and it is not for the faint at heart. To give you an indication, the device cannot stand to even the smallest of drops.

The Apple iPhone 5 is lighter and smaller than the handset from Blackberry and you might have thought that it would be able to withstand the odd drop. We have dropped the iPhone before and the display did crack, but the handset did work. In the video it shows the Blackberry Z10 being dropped onto carpet, wood floors and concrete. While it stood up to the first two tests, on concrete the device was punished badly. So much so that the display was badly cracked and the touchscreen would not work.

When dropped onto carpet and wood floor the back came off the handset a little, but we were able to put this back. When the device was dropped from the height of an ear however it no longer worked.

So if you are getting the Blackberry Z10 you may want to protect it well or just use it inside. Check out the video to find out what happens.

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