iPhone 5 vs BlackBerry 10: The Need For Speed

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If you are a fan of Blackberry then you will be very excited about BlackBerry 10 and you will not want to miss checking out the visual preview that we have today.

iPhone 5 vs BlackBerry 10 vs HTC 8X

While BlackBerry 10 handsets will be officially released towards the end of January 2013, evidence of the handsets have already been seen in the early Dev Alpha prototype models. In fact what we found today was a a BlackBerry 10 device in competition with the Apple iPhone 5 and the HTC 8X (video at bottom). The devices were out against each other in a browser speed test and you could be very surprised with the results.

RIM don’t usually allow people early looks at their handsets, especially the device that has been rumoured to come with the name of the London. However you can see a clear look at one of the dev alpha devices, which is compared with the HTC 8X and then it takes on the Apple iPhone 5.

Blackberry 10 is a brand new OS, which RIM has designed from the ground up. I think you will be very surprised to see how the OS does more than just hold its own, with the rivals. It even goes so far as to beat both of its competitors in one of the speed tests and this is an impressive feat. The BlackBerry device loads web pages quicker than the Apple iPhone 5 and a great deal quicker than the HTC device running Windows Phone 8.

RIM have said that their future all depends on BlackBerry 10 and from what you can see in the video, it’s looking good. There have been rumours going round that they have copied the Apple iPhone 5 and iOS, but would that be such a bad thing, if it were true? The new BlackBerry devices are slicker than the Bold, Torch and all the other handsets, which are now looking very outdated.

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