20% Of Android Users Will Readily Jump On An iPhone 5! [SURVEY]

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The latest incarnation of the Apple iPhone could see a large amount of Android users moving away from the OS and going to iOS instead, when the iPhone 5 is released with iOS 6.

20 percent of Android users will jump to iPhone 5

Wired reports that in a recent study 20% of individuals said that they would drop their Android handset and move onto iOS when the new iPhone 5 is released. 38% of those on Blackberry also indicated that they would move to the iPhone 5.

Of course there are also numerous iPhone owners at the moment holding an iPhone 4 and the 4S in their hands. They will also be ready to update to the latest iPhone 5. 74% of users with the iPhone 4 said that they would buy the iPhone 5 and 64% with the iPhone 4S said they would upgrade when the latest iPhone was launched.

The study featured more than 1,300 individuals and the majority of them said that when choosing a handset they looked for longer battery life, a fast processor and support for 4G LTE. A large screen was the fourth choice and fifth came SD card support.

The iPhone 4S was one of Apple’s most successful device launches but with the release of the iPhone 5 this is set to change. The change will be welcomed as the Samsung Galaxy S3 happens to be the biggest rival to the iPhone and is said to be the top selling handset in the US already.

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