Revenge: iPhone 5 Helps Apple Beat Android In Just 2 Months

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A research firm from London has said that Apple has taken the lead in the smartphone market in the US from Samsung and Android already.

iPhone 5 helps Apple exact revenge on Android

The report suggests that during the period of 5th August to 28th October iOS 6 had shares of the market of 48.1% and Android had 46.7%. So how did things change so fast? Well Forbes says it has to be down to the iPhone 5. The last time that Apple were at the top in sales was following the release of the iPhone 4S and they maintained the lead for 3 quarters. However internationally Android is still ahead, but how long this will last is anyone’s guess given that the iPhone 5 is now selling well worldwide after the shortage issues were taken care of. Apple shares have started to increase in Europe and China as well.

Despite this fact you can be sure that many people will still say that Apple is on the decline and that Microsoft and RIM could both come out in better positions and take some of the market shares. Whether this will cause Apple any lost sleep is not known, but it’s not likely to. Apple seems not to care and they just keep going on about their business.

Apple is also having the last laugh over those who say that the company is no longer the innovative company that they once were. The biggest threat to the iPhone 5 is of course Android and in particular the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is currently the best selling smartphone in the UK and the US. In the US it has just taken the title from the iPhone 4S and garnered up over 30 million handsets sold.

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