iPhone 5 vs Android Phones: Why Lightning Beats Micro USB

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When Apple announced that the iPhone 5 would come with a new dock connector some were disappointed that it wasn’t the micro USB. However there are reasons why the lightning connector is actually better than micro USB. Macgasm explains:

iPhone 5 Lightning port better than micro USB

The micro USB connector comes with just five pins. These are a power pin, two pins for data and a pin for sense. This would mean that it would not have the features Apple would need in order to implement their own connector tech. It is also worth mentioning that micro USB connectors cannot, at the moment; push out enough power to run the iPad at its full speed.

On the other hand you can see why Apple would want their own connector and of course Apple being Apple they want to push the boat out and they have done this as Lightning can do what micro USB cannot.

There is another benefit to owning your own connector and this is control. Should other firms want to work with the products of Apple they will need to get licensing from Apple for their Lightning connector. When all is said and done Apple always wants the best and if micro USB was the best, they would find a way to use it suggests Macgasm. Right now they have their cake and they are eating it as they have the best connector and they also have control over it.

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