iPhone 5 Is Great But Androids Still Better: 6 Reasons Why

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The folks over at Entrepreneur have taken a stab at the ongoing iPhone vs Android battle. This time around they are focusing on the OS and have given some solid reasons as to why Android beats iOS 6 on the iPhone 5. Here are a couple worth highlighting:

iPhone 5 vs Android: why Android is better

Once you have chosen the amount of internal storage on the iPhone 5 , i.e 16GB, 32GB or 64GB, you are stuck with this as the iPhone doesn’t support SD card. Almost all of the Android devices do, so you can add on more storage once internal storage is filled up. The Samsung Galaxy S3 for instance supports up to 64GB extra via a microSD card.

Users of Android are able to choose which app they want to launch as the native depending on function. Be it the browser, email, caller and even keyboard, you can choose what you want instead of using the one that comes with your phone. With Apple you have to use their email app and for browsing the web you have to use Safari, by default.

Hardware: If you want the best there is the iPhone 5, and no other option. With Android you have a wide range of devices that come with a choice of processors, display size, different price tags, physical keyboards and other goodies.

The iPhone 5 comes with the Lightning connector while Android handsets can connect to the computer and syncs using standard USB cables, which are more readily available.

Widgets: With Android you can access vital information without having to launch an app. All the information is available via widgets. The iPhone 5 relies on a grid of icons which need to be individually accessed for information as compared to just having a glance. Android provides graphic weather updates, shows music album art and provides users with notifications regarding calls they have missed points out Entrepreneur.

Android is Google based and as such all of the services offered by Google are integrated into Android beautifully. This means that you will have no problem if you use Google Calendar as you can log into your account and the calendar on your handset will sync. Then there are other goodies such as Google Maps which Apple has removed from the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

Check out the full list of Android strengths prepared by Entrepreneur here.

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