iPhone 5 Can’t Beat Android: 3 Reasons Why

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There are three great reasons why the Apple iPhone 5 cannot beat devices running on Android. That is what the folks over at VentureBeat believe after taking a look at the current generation of Androids hitting the market. So what are the 3 reasons why the iPhone 5 won’t be able to touch its rivals?

iPhone 5 vs Android: 3 reasons why Android has the upperhand

The first of these is the hardware that phone makers such as HTC and LG have, as they have caught up and surpassed the Apple iPhone 5 when it comes to specs. Specs that mean something to smartphone buyers include how many megapixels the camera has, the dimensions, the brightness of the display, the weight, battery life and speed. None of these are relevant when you buy the Apple iPhone 5. The Apple iPhones may be great looking but they are monotone and consumers want choice. Android has the edge here.

The second reason is the OS and the new generation of smartphones do have a better OS than Apple’s iOS 6. Jelly Bean 4.2 is the much better OS as it has rendering that is better, cross app sharing and it is more polished. Android is of course the more customisable of the two as it doesn’t have the static icons of iOS. Users have information they need on hand such as emails, texts, appointments and more.

Apps are everything when it comes to smartphones and many users love Google Search, Maps and Mail and use these more than the OS itself. Google apps are a lot better than those of Apple e.g. Newsstand, Safari, Apple Maps, etc.

Google have added ambient awareness to their Android handsets and this makes devices personal. Apple may have the largest amount of apps for the moment; however Android is catching up fast. Android has around 75% of the shares in the smartphone market thanks to the hordes of Samsung handsets out there. Apple has regained some of the shares, however many new 5 inch Android devices are coming out and these may very well change things for Apple, as their stock prices have suffered during the past quarter.

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