DROID DNA vs iPhone 5: HTC Mops The Floor With iPhone

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The HTC DROID DNA has one of the clearest and brightest displays right now and beat the resolution of the Apple iPhone 5 and its Retina Display. The OS is a modern one that has dynamic widgets, which means that you can tell at a glance what is going on in your world. The device has Google Apps including Google Now and voice recognition, along with Google Maps. It is an all-round better handset than the Apple iPhone 5 claims CNET.

iPhone 5 vs HTC DROID DNA

Android happens to be quirkier than the iOS of Apple, however it is not confusing for those who use it daily and who work with advanced technology. The new generation of Android handsets are thought to exceed the Apple iPhone 5 in every way possible.

Phones don’t have a lot of specs to be taken into account. Display size, dimensions, weight, memory and how long the battery lasts are all relevant, along with processor and speed. While the latter is not easy to understand, it becomes easier when you hear the words, faster than the Apple iPhone 5. Apple have typically been a follower of specs, they have been behind in the smartphone market for 4 inch phones and tablets of 7 inches.

There is no getting away from the fact that the Apple iPhone 5 is stunning, however they are somewhat monotone. Aluminium on the other hand is superb and many people comment on the accents of red found on the Android HTC DROID DNA. People today want variety and colour and they don’t want to have to cover their device up with a case to keep it from scuffing.

Android stands out thanks to it being customisable; it doesn’t just have icons that are static. With Android you have information from texts, emails, appointments and the weather, in many themes and you can customise them.

Windows Phone 8 is coming into the race too and this has great integration as it consolidates emails, texts and messages from Facebook. However what is more important than the OS is the apps and here Android comes into its own.

Many users rely on Google Maps, search and Mail and these are included in Android out of the box with deep integration. The apps of Google are far better than those of Apple, despite Apple having more, for the time being.

However it is the numbers which speak out and Android currently holds around 75% of the market around the world. Apple is still at the top of the US market thanks to the Apple iPhone 5. However the US is about to see many 5 inch Android devices heading their way and these have specs that have exceeded those of the Apple iPhone 5. Wall Street Journal says that a shift is coming and the stock price of Apple has taken a battering during the past quarter. It seems that people may soon start to ‘Think Different’.

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