Android Took Care Of iPhone 5 During Its ‘Hangover’

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While this weekend is better for iPhone 5 users, it was just last week that many iPhone & iOS 6 users were facing issues with the Do Not Disturb feature due to a New Year bug.

iPhone 5 & Do Not Disturb bug ridiculed

As Apple explained, the iPhone Do Not Disturb feature would not turn off from January 1st onwards. The bug would supposedly fix itself on January 7th. This of course was true as we saw earlier this week.

While it may not be a big deal, given that the iPhone was affected there was a massive huhah about it. The iPhone already has a reputation when it comes to problems like this. We all remember the Daylight Savings bug as well. So we knew this wouldn’t disappear quietly.

The folks over at Joy Of Tech highlighted this iPhone 5 blunder last week with a pretty hilarious comic. Check out how Android ‘took care’ of the iPhone 5 during its problematic week.

Joy Of Tech

Joy Of Tech

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