Skipping iPhone 5 For The 5S? What Can You Expect

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The iPhone 5 is a huge hit, and it is undoubtedly an impressive phone, running as it does on iOS 6. This combo is selling millions already, but the iPhone 5 does have its flaws. The folks over at Phone-Reviews are already looking ahead to the iPhone 5S, which needs to be really amazing if Apple wants to retain its customer base.

With iPhone 5 already out, what can we expect from iPhone 5S?

We don’t know if the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 5S, but for the sake of continuity and easy reference, that’s what PR is calling it. Now we’ve already talked about some iPhone 5 issues, like build quality, Apple Maps and WiFi problems. More recently there have been complaints about iPhone 5 battery life and problems with drainage too.

There is a lot to recommend the iPhone 5, though, and the company’s hugely loyal customer base will buy the device in droves whatever. When the iPhone 4S was released last year, many were disappointed that it looked just like the iPhone 4, but this didn’t stop the 4S selling like hot cakes, and it hasn’t stopped the iPhone 5, either.

The hoped-for design change for the iPhone 5 didn’t come, which is doubly annoying after the lack of change between the 4 and the 4S. It’s still a great looking handset, though, and that two-tone rear is winning many hearts.

Some will be more interested in specs and features than in aesthetics. The iPhone 5 has the A6 chip, a larger screen and better resolution. It also has an improved front camera and LTE, a nanoSIM and a (albeit controversial) smaller dock connector. The iPhone 5 has improved a bit on the 4S, but not life-changingly so. iOS 6 hasn’t given enough iPhone 5 exclusive features, so many may stick with their 4S and wait for the iPhone 5S instead. To add to the mess that is Apple Maps, Siri has been giving people trouble, as well as the battery, social media integration and Passbook.

Now the iPhone 5 is a great phone despite its flaws, but you can’t just ignore its flaws. This is why the iPhone 5S needs to really pull a big rabbit out of the hat in terms of design, specs and features.

PR hopes to see a quad-core processor, better and bigger storage and an improved camera. Of course we also want a new OS to go with that and all these mentioned bugs and defects taken care of. Keeping in mind that the iPhone 5S will likely be a minimal upgrade over the iPhone 5 given Apple’s usual product cycles, it is unlikely we can expect much else. Do you agree?

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