Don’t Like iPhone 5? Then You’ll Probably Hate 5S

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More information have come to light on what the Apple iPhone 5S may look like and apparently it will look just like the Apple iPhone 5.

We haven’t taken this information from leaks of designs or snapshots of the handset; we got it from the quarterly SEC filing of the Apple.

Analyst Katy Huberty said that the filing gives all the tell-tale signs of the new handset. These include “Lower planned purchases of production equipment sets up for higher iPhone 5S margin. The 10-Q discloses $904M of commitments for equipment purchases compare to $4.5B just two quarters ago when Apple invested in new in-cell touch displays for 5. The decrease is likely due to iPhone 5S not requiring significant hardware changes, therefore iPhone GM could be much higher in C2H13,” stated the filing. But just what does all this mean?

Basically it is saying that Apple spent a great deal of money two quarters previously, when they were getting ready to begin production of the Apple iPhone 5. They had to pay for new tech along with a new display and all of this proved to be expensive.

According to the analyst the lower investment in purchases of equipment means that the hardware inside the new handset will be very much like the last model. This would fit in with the typical product release of Apples, where they often use the same chassis for more than one device.

On the other hand it may suggests that Apple have not yet started production of their new iPhone and this could be why we have not seen filing, which contains equipment purchase. Apple may be getting ready for their new device after the filing so that they could cover up what they are doing right now.

You also have to factor in the fact that the Apple iPhone 5 didn’t meet the expectations in sales that Apple had hoped for over Christmas. With this in mind they could have plenty of phones hanging around and this may account for the drop in purchases.

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