iPhone 5 vs 4S: Why It’s 4S For Me

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One of the most popular questions we have been asked this month was in relation to the recently released iPhone 5. Many readers asked us that if you own the iPhone 4 or 4S is it worth making the upgrade to the iPhone 5?

Should you upgrade to iPhone 5?

This may be decided by the fact of whether you simply have to have the very latest from Apple. And if no, have there really been enough changes with the iPhone 5 to make the upgrade worthwhile?

If you have the iPhone 4, which doesn’t come with Siri, nor a good camera, then the iPhone 5 may be a big step up. Owners of the iPhone 3GS would have even more reason to make the upgrade. If you are looking for an iPhone for the first time, or you wish to replace a handset that is broken, then you cannot beat the iPhone 5 either. However bear in mind that you can pick up the iPhone 4S for $99 now and the iPhone 4 is free on contract. So the bottom line is that the iPhone 5 is the best iPhone that Apple have released to date, however the improvements on it are not worth the $100 difference between the cost of the iPhone 4S (the 4S does come with Siri and a good camera).

The lack of vast changes is down to the fact that Apple very rarely releases products now that can be called revolutionary. The iPhone 5 has been no exception to this and while it is a great handset and the best one to date from Apple, it still offers virtually the same as the iPhone 4S. Yes it does have a faster processor, LTE and a slightly larger display. But in my two weeks with the device where I swapped SIMs with my current 4S, I only missed the LTE speeds when returning to the 4S. And LTE would only be applicable if you are with a carrier that supports it and are within the coverage area. Here in Australia, that is scarce.

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