iPhone 5: How It Will Put The 4S To Shame

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The iPhone 4S has been a huge success, but it’s already making way for the iPhone 5. We’re going to do a quick comparison of both phones here. You have to remember that we’re using the iPhone 5’s RUMORED specs against the 4S’ definite specs. Let’s get started.

Rumored iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S

Design: The iPhone 5 has grown a tiny bit. The first one measured 115x61x11.6mm and was 135g. The 4S weighs 140g and measures 115.2×58.66×9.3mm.

Screen: The iPhone 4S still has a 3.5” screen to make sure that the inbuilt software and apps will run problem-free across all versions. This factor makes us wonder if the iPhone 5 will also have a 3.5” screen. That said, however, Tim Cook isn’t shy of changing the size of flagship products – 7” iPad rumors anyone? A lot of people still think that Apple will try to catch up with its Android rivals by increasing the screen size, but there is disagreement about the new size, with guesstimates ranging from 4” to 5”. It has to be said that most estimates are 4”, which makes this the most likely. Also likely is a Retina screen.

Processor: The iPhone 4S’ dual-core Apple A5 chip doubled the processing capacity from the iPhone 4’s single-core chip. PC Advisor thinks that, after looking at chips used in the past by Apple, that the iPhone 5 will have an A6 processor. This A6 may be quad-core, which will double again the processing capability. Apple might go for the A5X chip that’s in the new iPad, which is dual-core with quad-core graphics. Dual-core chips don’t mean twice the power of single-core, but they can do twice the processes, making multi-tasking faster.

Camera: The cameraphone contest has tailed off a bit. Time was that phone makers crammed as many megapixels as possible into cameras, now it’s more about the quality. The 8MP rear camera in the iPhone 4S has always been well thought of, both for pics and vids, and this might make it less of a priority for improvement. There’s a rumor that the iPhone 5 will feature a “multi-point camera focusing system”. This rumor stems from Apple winning a patent for just such a system. The website that broke this news said that the patent “describes a system that lets the user of a camera-equipped device select two or more areas of focus on a touchscreen which, when a picture is taken, are passed through a dedicated image processor to produce optimal sharpness and exposure for both regions.”

Other rumors say that the iPhone 5 will have NFC and 4G LTE connectivity. This is all speculation, so we can’t say for sure yet. The iPhone 5 is bound to be a big improvement, though. The jumps from 3G to 3GS and from 4 to 4S were more like tweaks, so a whole new number means a whole new phone right?

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