“Disappointing” iPhone 5 Sells 20x Faster Than 4S

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Pre-orders for the iPhone 5 went live at midnight last night and just as many predicted they sold very well. When the iPhone 4S was released last year it was 22 hours before the device was sold out. The iPhone 5 on the other hand was up for pre-order for just 60 minutes before it sold out in the US.

iPhone 5 sells better than 4S despite mixed reactions at event

Due to the fact that it sold out, Apple has now said that they have had to adjust their shipping time from one to two weeks. The demand for the iPhone 5 was so big that the website of Apple had many problems, along with many of the carrier’s websites. Users saw error messages when they tried to get their hands on the handset. the pre-order launch of the iPhone 4S went off without problems, so this is not a good sign for those wanting to be one of the first to get their hands on the new iPhone 5.

There was a great deal of speculation about the details and the specs of the iPhone 5 all summer long. However when it was launched this week, there was the usual excitement from fanboys, but its reception did seem to be lukewarm overall.

The new iPhone 5 comes with great looks and a larger screen with improved speed but there was no improvement or innovations that you could say were mind blowing. So why has the device sold out quicker than the previous versions?

A spokesman for Apple said that the pre-orders for the iPhone 5 have been incredible and they were blown away by the response.

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