iPhone 5 May Have 4S Owners Who Sold Their Phone Feeling Sorry

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The folks over at IntoMobile have asked the question of whether you will be pre-ordering the new Apple iPhone 5 on 12th September? Apple announced the iPhone 5 which is actually the 6th generation handset last night, and the reaction to date has been somewhat mixed.

Poll: Majority of voters “underwhelmed” by iPhone 5

The new iPhone 5 has a Retina screen of 4 inches, compared to the 3.5 on other models and it comes with the A6 processor from Apple. The device has a newly designed dock connector and it features LTE compatibility. The camera on the back is 8 megapixels and features back illumination and a panoramic mode along with recording video in 1080p, there is also a FaceTime camera on the front that offers recording of video in 720p.

While there is nothing missing from the iPhone 5 rumor mill other than NFC, the poll that IM ran shows a whopping 80 percent of its readers found the upgrade underwhelming and were considering sticking with their current device.

Of course, we didn’t think anyone would have sold their smartphones prematurely in anticipation of the iPhone 5 launch… unless of course you own an iPhone 4S and wanted to get the best possible price that was only possible before the next-gen version was unveiled.

Are you disappointed with the iPhone 5?

IntoMobile poll

IntoMobile poll

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