iPhone 5 Battery Life Nothing Like 4S

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The folks over at iLounge who had undertaken extensive testing of the new iPhone in real world usage test have found that the battery life of the iPhone 5 is behind that of the iPhone 4S in many areas.

iPhone 5 battery life falls below 4S

The blog discovered that the battery of the iPhone 4S beats that of the new iPhone 5 when it comes to FaceTime video calls, voice calling, Wi-Fi data and cellular data tests, however the results did vary depending on how close they were to LTE and 3G towers, with weaker signals draining the battery faster.

In regards to taking videos with a 1080p resolution and playing them back, the iPhone 5 battery matched that of the iPhone 4S. It was also better than what Apple had estimated it to be so those figures may eventually vary from user to user.

Playing audio however did not meet the expectations of Apple, nor did it beat the battery of the iPhone 4S. The results of the test led iLounge to believe that the battery on the new iPhone 5 will not last as long as Apple claims it will and this is one of the major concerns they have about the new device. Considering that the iPhone 5 battery only has 10mAh more capacity than the one on the 4S but packs a larger display alongside LTE data speeds, this is not a shocker. What is a shocker is why Apple didn’t put in a larger battery in the iPhone 5. We hope it wasn’t in order to make the iPhone 5 the “world’s thinnest smartphone.”

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