The Many Reasons To Pick 4S Over iPhone 5

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If you are considering buying a new handset you may be contemplating the iPhone 5 from Apple. However before you rush off to treat yourself to a new handset, you may wish to consider the iPhone 4S as it could be the better deal depending on your needs.

iPhone 5 vs 4S: why you shouldn’t rule out 4S

One of the main reasons for considering it over the iPhone 5 is that the iPhone 4S has been slashed in price, which means they are almost giving a high quality device away.

Of course the iPhone 5 does have the larger display, it has 4G LTE too and is lighter and thinner than the iPhone 4S. However people have complained that the iPhone 5 is too light and the iPhone 4S is just about right weight. Furthermore the iPhone 5 aluminum body is prone to scuffs suggest many reports from users. It is in fact easier to scratch than the iPhone 4S.

Furthermore, the iPhone 5 and 4S cameras are almost identical. Sure the iPhone 5 camera has some advancements in technology but you would be hard pressed to see the difference. Next up is battery life. While the iPhone 5 is rated to offer as much as the 4S, in real world usage tests it fell below the 4S.

iOS 6 is also available for download to the iPhone 4S, which means you would have the same OS as the new iPhone 5. So far, there have been no reports of any iOS 6 features exclusive to the iPhone 5 that aren’t in the iPhone 4S.

So with this in mind, do consider the savings that can be had on the iPhone 4S before you jump on the iPhone 5 only because Apple says it is the “next best thing.”

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