How iPhone 5 Will Make The 4S Look Outdated

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The iPhone 4S has to make way for the iPhone 5, but before the great changeover happens, let’s have a side-by-side comparison. Don’t forget, though, we’ll be using the rumored specs of the 5 as Apple has been tight-lipped and saving the big surprise for the major launch next week.

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S

Design: The iPhone has grown a little bit over the years. The original measured 115x61x11.6mm and weighed 135g. The 4S is 140g and 115.2×58.66×9.3mm. Rumors suggest that the iPhone 5 will remain as wide as the 4S but will be taller and feature a two-tone aluminum unibody.

Screen: The iPhone 4S has retained the 3.5” screen to ensure that apps and software move seamlessly between upgrades. This makes us wonder if the iPhone 5 will follow this path. Tim Cook isn’t scared of resizing flagship products – for example the 7” iPad mini rumors. Lots of people reckon that Apple will increase its screen size to catch up with the Android crew, but no-one’s sure about the exact dimensions. Guesstimates range from 4” to 5”, although most guesses are 4”. Whatever the size, it’ll probably be Retina.

Camera: The camera contest has cooled off, with manufacturers concentrating more on features and quality rather than megapixels. The iPhone 4S’s 8MP back camera has a good rep, for photos and videos, so it’s not up for much improvement. There’s a buzz about a “multi-point camera focusing system” that comes from Apple winning a patent for that very system. The website that premiered this buzz said the patent: “describes a system that lets the user of a camera-equipped device select two or more areas of focus on a touchscreen which, when a picture is taken, are passed through a dedicated image processor to produce optimal sharpness and exposure for both regions.”

Processor: The dual-core Apple A5 chip in the iPhone 4S doubled the multitasking power of the iPhone 4’s single core. PC Advisor, after looking at past chips used by Apple, reckons that the iPhone 5 will feature an A6 chip. This chip may be quad-core. Apple may still opt for the A5X chip used in the new iPad – dual-core with a quad-core GPU. Dual-core chips won’t make the device twice as powerful as a single-core device, but they do twice the processes, which makes for faster multi-tasking.

Rumors also reckon that the iPhone 5 will have 4G LTE connectivity and NFC, although nothing’s certain yet. The iPhone 5 will be an improvement. The jumps from 3G to 3GS, and 4 to 4S were little bunny hops. The new number – 5 – means a whole new ball game, eh?

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