iPhone 4S Price Slashed… But It’s A Trap!

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By now you would have heard about the numerous sales going on for both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 models. Not only have third-party retailers like Target and Best Buy slashed the price of the iPhone 4S and 4, but also carriers like Sprint who have dropped $50 off the price point and also thrown in a $100 gift certificate.

Don’t buy an iPhone 4S or 4 until the iPhone 5 announcement

So the question is, should you jump on one? The answer is a firm no. There is no reason to buy an iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 at this point in time. If you’ve been frequenting tech blogs in the past few weeks, you will be well aware that rumors suggest the iPhone 5 release date will fall sometime next month.

Now sure, not everyone wants to be on the bleeding edge of technology and get an iPhone 5. Instead a bargain on a good iPhone 4S or 4 would suffice. For such shoppers, we also recommend holding off jumping on these supposed bargains. When the iPhone 5 is announced, you can expect the price of the iPhone 4S and 4 to drop even further.

So take this as a PSA, don’t buy an iPhone 4S or an iPhone 4 until Apple announces the iPhone 5 (rumored to happen on September 12).

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