Buying 4S Despite Incoming iPhone 5? You’re Not Alone

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Apple’s next-generation darling, the iPhone 5, is almost with us. But the outgoing champions, the iPhone 4 and 4S, are still expected to sell very well in Q3 despite the imminent arrival of their glorious younger sibling.

iPhone 5 not exactly slowing down sales of older models (report)

According to DigiTimes, the shipments of the iPhone 4 and 4S are reckoned to increase by 10-15% during this quarter. This will represent an increase on the slightly disappointing second quarter despite the iPhone 5 now being right around the corner.

DigiTimes also said that Apple supplier Wintek had its revenues climb by 60% in July, partly thanks to Apple’s increased touch panel orders for the iPhone 4S. Additionally, physical shops, as well as several networks, have started to offer significant discounts on the older iPhones, which won’t hurt sales figures in Q3.

So while it may seem sill to many to buy an iPhone now with rumors of an iPhone 5 launch less than a month away, that isn’t necessarily the thinking of everyone.


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