Apple Remotely Drops 4S Performance So You Buy iPhone 5, Here’s How [THEORY]

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The battery of the iPhone 4S has taken a beating in the last few months, but why? Up until then and since early 2011 there have been no problems with it, in fact when the iPhone 4S launched the battery was heralded for its longevity. Could it be that Apple have started negatively manipulating the battery on the iPhone 4S so as that users will want to get rid of their handset and get the new iPhone 5, when it is released?

iPhone 4S & 4 batter performance degrades just as iPhone 5 release date nears (theory)

While there is no evidence that Apple are behind the blame, some are saying that Apple may be trying to get customers to switch to the new iPhone 5, when they release it. Over the past 90 to 180 days the phone’s OS has begun to drain the battery at a much faster rate than it usually does, but why? That’s what the folks over at OpposingViews think is happening and they have dug up two theories on how exactly Apple is doing so..

There are two theories going around which relate to the battery drain. MacWorld said that the background sync of iCloud drains the battery rather fast. If you use this you may wish to deactivate it. Technolog are saying that it could be the fault of the new A5 processor with two cores. This could be using more power than Apple had anticipated. Or of course it could be a more devious motive and it was meant to begin degrading in performance over time.

Could Apple be messing around with the battery life through the operating system so that customers get fed up of their iPhone 4S and move on to the iPhone 5 which is rumored for launch on 12th September? That has to be the wackiest claim we’ve heard so far. Hit the source link for Opposing View’s full take on the matter.

Source: Opposing Views

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