iPhone 4S Users: Should You Upgrade To iPhone 5?

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Retailers have said that during November the Apple iPhone 4S has continued to remain a strong seller. The device is ahead of the Apple iPhone 5, but it remains behind the Samsung Galaxy S3, which has been the best-selling handset of the year.

So is it worth upgrading to the Apple iPhone 5 if you already own the iPhone 4S?

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S

The demand for the Apple iPhone 5 has been met and at the moment shipping is around 2 to 4 days, when you buy the device from the Apple Store. So if you are looking to purchase an iPhone, why would you get the iPhone 4S instead of the iPhone 5? If you are on a budget, then the price tag is a starter.

In the US the cost of the Apple iPhone 5 has dropped and you can now get hold of it for $127 via Walmart. This means that you would save as much as $72, when compared to buying the device at the Apple Store. The Apple iPhone 4S price has been dropped as well and you can now get it for $47 with a contract of two years via the same retailer.

The Apple iPhone 5 may be the better deal however as the price has been lowered and it does have the larger display. In regards to the larger display, many popular apps have been updated in the App Store already to display correctly on the new screen size of the iPhone 5. There have been rumours that Apple may reveal the next generation iPhone, which could be iPhone 5S, at the WWDC in June. It is thought that the device will have the same size display as the iPhone 5, which means that developers will prioritise the bigger display more and more, when it comes to developing apps. So that is another disadvantage on the part of the iPhone 4S.

Now if you want your handset to remain “new looking” then this may affect your choice again. The build quality of the iPhone 4S, when it comes to use of materials, is better than on the Apple iPhone 5. If you look at an Apple iPhone 4S that is two years old, it can look as a good as new as long as you haven’t dropped it countless times. This cannot be said about the Apple iPhone 5, as reviews have shown us that the unit can age in just over a month. The device may only have small cuts and scratches which would go unnoticed at a glance, however it is enough to make it look aged. With this in mind when choosing based on which would withstand day to day use the most, the Apple iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, may win over the Apple iPhone 5.

Of course, if looks are only secondary then the iPhone 5 does come with the faster processor, support for LTE and the larger Retina display. And these are the three main things in its favor which you would have to consider before paying out an extra $80.

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