iPhone 5 vs 4S: Why We Still Love The 4S

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Towards the end of January next year, Apple will publish its Q1 financial statement, and iPhone 5 sales should figure largely. Most analysts expect the iPad Mini to overtake the bigger tablets in sales, but they didn’t expect the iPhone 4S to outsell the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S: 4S still selling strong and right behind S3

AllThingsD said that a recent Consumer Intelligence Research Partners report showed that the iPhone 5 wasn’t doing as well as expected. In its first month, it only took 68% of all iPhone sales, compared to the 90% that the iPhone 4S took in its first four weeks.

When Apple released the iPhone 4S in 2011, just 7% of sales came from the iPhone 4, and 3% came from the 3GS. This time round, the 4S represents 23% of sales, and the iPhone 4 is getting 9%.

Does this mean the iPhone 5 is a failure? No. It does mean, however, that Apple’s Q1 sales aren’t as dependent on it as we thought they might be. Apple’s market share has grown, and an unexpectedly big part of this share is coming from earlier iPhone versions. This might mean that Apple can’t expect to sell as many full-priced iPhones as it previously thought, which might affect revenue and profit.

In the UK, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S3 is still the best-seller. The iPhone 4S is still outselling the iPhone 5 there, too. The 4S is almost identical to the 5, but for a fraction of the price – there are no iPhone 5-exclusive features in iOS 6, which is a bonus for 4S owners. A lot of people just have no real reason to bump up from the 4S to the 5.

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