iPhone 5: Is It Silly For 4S Users To Upgrade?

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The iPhone 5 has been out for only a few weeks and while it has received praise from many, there are others who have suffered problems with the handset. There have been different issues, some having to do with the phone itself, and others related to iOS 6. On the topic of iOS 6, it is interesting to note that it doesn’t offer anything exclusive to the iPhone 5 and so it makes you wonder if you have the iPhone 4S if it is worth making the upgrade to the newer device?

iPhone 5 vs 4S

When you compare the specs of the iPhone 5 to those of the iPhone 4 there are differences in the resolution of the display and the processing power. The camera on the iPhone 5 has also been improved and the iPhone 5 supports LTE. The new device is slimmer and lighter than its predecessor, but is this reason enough to upgrade?

The iPhone 5 comes with iOS 6, but of course there is nothing exclusive about this as you can update the iPhone 4S to it. When the iPhone 4S was revealed last year, one thing that was exclusive was the fact that it had Siri. This meant that those who bought the latest iPhone had something different from users of older models. This time there is no real reason why you should upgrade to the iPhone 5 just based on the OS as you can get the benefits with older iPhones.

iOS 6 has been criticized by many, mainly thanks to the fact that Apple chose to get rid of Google Maps and instead include their own Apple Maps. Therefore many have been let down. There have also been numerous problems with the device. While some may be teething problems, you would not expect a high end device that costs a lot, to be released with bugs and faults.

Bugs and faults aside, of course some will want to upgrade to the latest iPhone just because it is the latest device and it is faster and has a larger screen than the iPhone 4S. However there are still problems such as scuffing on the back, which have been reported by some users as being more worse than the glass back of the 4S. There is also the poorer battery life of the iPhone 5 and the harsher vibrations due to the iPhone 5 using an older motor due to space constraints. Some people have even said that you would be stupid to even consider upgrading from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5 given that the iPhone 5 seems to have had quality issues that likely will be resolved in the iPhone 5S only.

If you are on a contract and you have always had the iPhone and that contract has reached an end, then the chances are that an upgrade to the iPhone 5 will be natural. However if you have to pay the full cost of the handset and any early upgrade fees, you may wish to think twice about making the upgrade as this feels like an in-line upgrade more than something truly revolutionary like the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4.

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