iPhone 5 Exterior Finally Caught On Video, If Looks Could Kill (Rumor)

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After the disappointment of the lack of a mention about the much anticipated iPhone 5 or its release date at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2012, we are excited but skeptical about this new video which emerged just before the WWDC, which claims to be a video of the body of the iPhone 5 on display. The video was uploaded to YouTube by an employee of ETradeSupply, which resells parts, and he says the device shown is the framework of the upcoming iPhone 5.

Leaked iPhone 5 video purportedly shows what we can expect this fall

The body is metal, and looks as though it is taller but more slim-line than the iPhone 4 or 4S. This does seem consistent with the earlier rumors which indicated that the iPhone 5 would sit at 4 inches; 0.5 inches larger than the current 4S screen thanks to its height, whilst it was to remain roughly the same width.

That isn’t the only rumor that the device in the video seems to be consistent with. Another is that the headphone slot would be transferred to the bottom of the phone, from the top where it currently is. There also seems to be a smaller dock connector at the bottom, which is something we had heard about on the grapevine. Not only that, but the back of the iPhone is aluminum on the video. After a lot of alleged photo leaks of the device reaching the web last week, this video seems to confirm all of the predictions about the iPhone 5, as they too were in line with the aforementioned headphone slot, taller shape, smaller dock connector and aluminum back.

Though we must bear in mind that Apple has not even confirmed the existence of an iPhone 5, so obviously we would not have heard about release dates or features either, but with such a large number of leaks that do look to be similar and consistent with rumors, it appears as though the device is on its way – either that or it’s all a clever marketing tool by Apple to keep us guessing and send us in the wrong direction with regards to what we are to expect from the device.

Personally, I wouldn’t be disappointed if the iPhone 5 ends up looking like what I see in the video below.

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