Genuine iPhone 5 Slips Out Of Factory, First Look Of It Turned On [VIDEO]

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Up until now we have only seen leaked parts or dummy models of the upcoming iPhone 5. That is however until today when M.I.C Gadget claimed that a video showing a genuine iPhone 5 was taken out of the Jicheng factory and someone recorded it switching on.

Video: iPhone 5 caught booting up, looks genuine

The iPhone 5 shown in the video is thinner than the previous models and it does look to be taller too with the display looking larger overall. The home button along with another hole may suggest however that this may not be a fully assembled model or possibly a prototype.

So what do you think, could someone have taken an iPhone 5 out of the factory and is this the real thing or not? The iPhone 5 of course is expected to launch less than one week from now on September 12.

Rumors suggest that the iPhone 5 will have a 4-inch screen, NFC, LTE, aluminum unibody and a new dock connector.

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