Upgrading To iPhone 5? Then Dump Your Old iPhone Now

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The majority of people usually wait until they have a shiny new phone in their hands before they consider putting their old one of eBay. However according to ProductReviews with the impending release of the iPhone 5 coming ever closer, there has been an influx of previous generations of the iPhone being listed.

iPhone 5 already causing sales rush of previous models

It seems that the rumors from Bloomberg and WSJ along with AllThingsD have got people excited as on EBay’s instant sale website you can now get your hands on an iPhone 3G 8GB for just $50. There are also great offers for the iPhone 4S 16GB with AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, which suggests that everyone with older models wants to get rid of them and be ready to rush out and purchase the latest model on release.

There have been numerous rumored specifications regarding the upcoming handset. These include it being ready for LTE and sporting a display of 4 inches. There has been talk of a quad core processor and improvements to the camera. Rather than giving away old phones to friends or family, trade-ins do seem to be a popular option.

So if you’re looking towards upgrading to the iPhone 5 then it looks like the sales rush has already started on previous models. Hence you better join in or expect to get a lower price the longer you wait.


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