How To Upgrade To An iPhone 5 For Free

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Depending on the amount that Apple charge for the upcoming iPhone 5 you may be able to get enough cash from online websites for your old iPhone 4S to pay for the new handset when it is released.

How to upgrade to an iPhone 5 for free

Typically on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon you have been able to get hold of the base model of the iPhone on a contract for 2 years from around $200. If you own the iPhone 4S you could sell this for at the very least $200 online which could pay for a new handset with no money out of your pocket. However if you have an older model, it may be a little trickier to do. However you still may be able to do it.

If you own the iPhone 4 you may be able to get your hands on $200 with the black 8GB iPhone 4 on Sprint pays around $204, while the white 8 GB on AT&T will get you around $240. The black 16GB version of the handset on Verizon or AT&T commands around $236 while the white on AT&T is worth below $200. If you own the black 32GB white version from AT&T you can expect to get around $252 and for the black, $253. The black Verizon version offers $217 and the white $294. On the downside Glyde take a percentage and there is no guarantee of a sale.

Another option for selling is with who gives you $195.50 for black and white versions of the 8GB iPhone 4 on any carrier. If your handset is like new you could get as much as $230 for it. The 16GB version black from AT&T is worth $270 as new and the black from Verizon could be worth $238 or if as new, $280. Amazon offer around $250.75 for the white version and $295 if it is as new. If you have the 32GB handset you could get between $255 and $300 for the black version on AT&T and between $310 and $363.50 on Verizon. The white versions will get you around $272 to $310 on any carrier. The downside is that you do not get cash, instead you get a giftcard. So unless you plan on scooping the iPhone 5 off Amazon too, then this may not be an option.

eBay is another consideration and on here you can put your iPhone up for sale for any price you want. However there is no guarantee you will sell your phone. You also have to take the time to describe your phone and make sure that you set a starting bid.

With the iPhone 5 rumors to launch on September 12 and in stores within a week, you may need to act fast in order to secure upwards of $200. Of course, if you are planning to upgrade from an Android device, similar avenues can be used but prices vary greatly from handset to handset.

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