$199 iPhone 5 Will In Reality End Up Costing You $1,800

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A report by marketing firm Avalaunch Media has said how much the iPhone 5 will actually cost those who want to buy it, and we’re talking about above and beyond that first $199 you put down for one on contract.

True iPhone 5 cost calculated

The cost estimates naturally depend on many factors. After all not everyone will need a new case or have to get a charger. However if you are looking to upgrade your iPhone 4, there will be outlays that you have to make and which Apple failed to mention at their event. The grand total of your outlay will be around $1,800 for an iPhone 5.

First there is the handset to purchase and if you want the 16GB iPhone 5 you will have to pay $199 on contract for two years, or $649 without contract. However if you have a lot of music or apps then you will want the 32GB at $299 on contract or the 64GB for $399 on contract.

Then there are the carrier plans. On average the cost for a two year contract will be around $1,439.76 and this is with AT&T and for those who are willing to make do with about 450 minutes of talk time and texting on pay as you go. If you want the “unlimited” talk and text then you will be paying around $5,520 over the two years reports the firm.

The cheapest plan with AT&T provides up to 300 MB of data, which is not a lot for an iPhone 5 that runs on 4G and there was the recent data issue problem for iPhone owners. However Apple has said that the bug will not cost customers anything as Verizon will not charge them.

Then there are accessories to take into account. Apple introduced the new connector and if you want to use your old accessories you will have to pay for an adapter at $39. Then a new car charger will cost you $10, AV adapters $30 and stereo docks around $100.

If you want a case to prevent the scratching and scuffing problems associated with the iPhone 5, this will set you back even more money. SquareTrade recently said that repair bills mounted to $6 billion since 2007.

Apps are another outlay that has to be added onto a bill of around $1,800 up to now. iPhone users spend more than those on Android for apps and around 96% of users download apps. Buying apps could therefore add expense onto the true cost of owning an iPhone 5.

Via: Mashable

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