iPhone 5 Tricks: How To Boost Battery Life

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Whenever a new OS comes out there are bound to be some glitches with it, which have to be patched. One problem is generally the battery life. This is something that doesn’t just affect the iPhone; it can happen with Android devices too.

When Apple released iOS 6 owners of iPhones began to complain about their batteries, saying that they were not giving as much use as they were before. If you have moved to iOS 6.1 now and you are having issues with your battery then you can follow the tips below to help you to get the most from it.

Change the brightness of the display to lower. Thanks to the Apple iPhone 5 having a brighter than usual display you can drop it down. Turning on auto brightness will save battery too. However don’t turn it down too much as you cannot see it outside.

While multi-tasking is all well and good is drains your battery. Close down apps that are open by holding the home button down until the bar comes up for multi-tasking. Then hold down an app and wait for it to dance and then close it. Do this for all apps you want to close and then return to the home screen by pressing the button again.

Keep your apps up to date to ensure that you get the most from the battery. Older apps in particular will need updating to ensure that they work with iOS 6.1.

Use the auto lock on the device. This turns off the display which can help to save the battery.

If you are not using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 3G you may want to turn them off. Use the settings to do this and put them back on when you need them. Bear in mind that the iPhone has been known to have a bug which will cause it to switch on mobile data.

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