iPhone 5 Loses Its Magic, Crowned Worst Smartphone Of 2012’s Best

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One of the reasons why the stock of Apple has taken such as beating is the fact that people believe that Apple have lost the edge with their smartphone.

iPhone 5 worst top smartphone

The Apple iPhone has enjoyed success that has been mind boggling and it accounts for over half of the overall profit of Apple. For around 5 years, Apple has enjoyed having the best smartphone on the market.

More recently however competitors have caught up and some reviewers believe that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is superior to the latest Apple iPhone 5. Many believe that in 2013 Samsung will jump ahead of Apple further, when they release the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the spring.

Another review from Consumer Reports has said that Apple has lost the edge. Their report turned out to be bad news for fans of Apple when they reached their conclusion. They said that the Apple iPhone 5 was the worst of the top handsets of 2012. They do not say why they feel this; however the results have startled fans.

With Sprint and AT&T the Apple iPhone 5 is behind two devices, which are the LG Optimus and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

On Verizon the Apple iPhone 5 was rated behind the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, the Motorola Droid Razr HD and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Apple must surely feel as though they have been slapped across the face as the Apple iPhone 5 didn’t even come in at number 3 and has been beaten by their arch enemy Samsung on all carriers.

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