iPhone: 5 Must-Have Music Apps

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If you are a music fan and you own the iPhone there are many apps to choose from to get your grooving to the beats. Here are just 5 of the top music apps that you should not be without.

iPhone: 5 top music apps to download

Rhapsody is a great choice as it provides you with around 11 million songs to listen to on your iPhone and searching for music is very easy. Not only does it offer the usual online listening, you can listen to music offline too.

Songza is based on Pandora and allows you to match music to the time of day, your mood or what activity you are taking part in. You can customise this app with your preferences of songs.

Shazam is excellent for those times when you hear a song and you cannot remember who sang it. Just hold your phone close to the speakers and the app will listen and tell you what song it is and who it is by. is a social music site that allows people to share the music they love the best in the community and allows users to purchase music from iTunes.

Lyrical is excellent for those who like to sing along to the tunes they are listening to on their iPhone as it provides you with the lyrics to the song as they play.

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