iPhone: 5 Easy Ways To Enhance Battery Life

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Whenever a new OS is released and people upgrade to it, they always complain about the battery of their handset not lasting as long. With the iPhone 5 being out along with iOS 6, you may want to take notice of these tips to help improve your battery life if you think it isn’t giving you enough out of every charge.

iPhone: 5 batter life tips (iOS 6)

Changing the brightness of your display can help when it comes to saving battery life. Even when you drop down the brightness level you can still see the display properly and you will be surprised at the amount of battery you can save. Change the level of brightness in settings, brightness and wallpaper.

While you can multi-task on your iPhone 5, it does have a bad effect on the battery. Therefore you might want to close off apps that you are not using. To do this just hold the home button down and then on the bar for multi-tasking you just press and hold on any app that you want to close off. When you have finished you can hit the home button again to close off.

Keeping apps up to date can help to conserve battery life on the iPhone. So keep checking to see if all apps on the device are up to date.

If you use the auto lock function on the device your screen will turn off on its own and thus you will save on battery life. You can set the auto function to a time that suits you.

To make the battery last longer you can turn off any radios that you are not using. These include such things as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can toggle these in the settings of your iPhone 5.

These tips while targeted for iOS 6 devices like the iPhone 5, should in fact work on any iPhone model so it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot.

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