Forget iPhone 5, Apple Announces Plans To Launch Steve Jobs 2 [ONN]

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With Tim Cook taking over Apple after the recent passing of former CEO Steve Jobs, all eyes are on the new head of Apple to unveil the iPhone 5.

ONN: Forget iPhone 5, Tim Cook to unveil Steve Jobs 2

Now the folks over at The Onion News Network have posted a video in their usual parody style which shows CEO Tim Cook unveil a new Apple product that is not the iPhone 5 but wait for it…  a Steve Jobs 2. Here’s the description that goes with the news report:

“Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that in 2012 the company will release the Steve Jobs 2, an updated version of the revolutionary Apple founder featuring a richer, deeper voice and a sleek new white turtleneck.”

Now this video has reportedly been circulating the Web for sometime now but has just come under our attention. It was actually posted on YouTube by TheOnion back in October 2011 so we apologize if you’ve already seen. For those who haven’t, scroll down below.

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