Forget Samsung Galaxy S3, Real iPhone 5 Nemesis Is None Other Than The Toilet

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It’s election season once again, and the budget is on everyone’s minds, with people tightening belts all over the US. I’ve found a solution to overspending that’s actually related to loosening belts – people need to take more care to avoid dropping their iPhones down the toilet, as it’s costing a fortune. So if you’re planning to trade up to an iPhone 5, listen up.

You may want to keep your iPhone 5 away from the bathroom

Gadget insurance and warranty company SquareTrade has recently released information on the areas of the US where it’s most perilous to be an iPad or an iPhone, and they have also revealed that damaged iPhones have run up repair or replacement costs of $5.9 billion locally since 2007.

Insurance companies like to scare us into – well – buying insurance, and SquareTrade took a sample of 2,000 iPhone users, did a bit (or a lot) of extrapolation and came up with this startling figure. In the last 12 months alone, around 30% of iPhone owners have damaged their phone. The survey sample allowed the company to tot up the eye-watering $5.9 billion bill from the “the cost of repairs, replacements and insurance deductibles for cracked, dropped, pummelled, kicked, and water-damaged iPhones.”

SquareTrade found a worrying number of users had dropped their iPhone into the toilet (Samsung and its Galaxy S3 advertising team might have some serious fun with this statistic). Now we’re just spit balling here but maybe Apple should have considered making the iPhone 5 waterproof? Or would that cut down on the number of users who would upgrade their iPhone? Check out the infographic below.

Credit: SquareTrade

Credit: SquareTrade

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