iPhone 5 Banners Go Up At Event Venue, Hints Specs

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Banner have been seen gracing the Yerba Centre advertising the upcoming Apple event. The event takes place on 12th September and it is where Apple are said to be launching the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 specs hinted by event banners?

MacRumors reports that when you first look at the banner it appears to gives no clues as to what Apple may be announcing at the event. However on closer inspection one eagle eyed visitor told the blog that the façade shows iOS icons stretched out. These include icons from Game Centre and iTunes, Music and App store.

What this actually means we are not sure but it could point to the fact that there has been rumors about a taller screen of 4 inches. As you would expect, a taller screen would mean more vertical space. Apple of course aren’t exactly expected to stretch out the icons but instead put in a fifth row of icons.

There are of course downsides to a taller display, this being that since all iPhone apps were designed for a 3.5-inch display since the device’s inceptions, a 4-inch screen could mean black bars at both ends until developers decide to make their apps compatible with the iPhone 5.

We’ll be at the Apple event on Wednesday for the iPhone 5 unveiling so stay tuned for more Apple news.

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