[OFFICIAL] iPhone 5 Unveiled: Everything You Need To Know

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It’s official folks. In a standing ovation, Apple unveiled the iPhone 5. So here is what we know now. It is made entirely of aluminum and glass. It is 7.6mm thick which is 18 percent thinner than its predecessor and 20 percent lighter as well.

Official: iPhone 5 specs unveiled (developing)

And the biggest question of course is its size, yes it is 4-inches and has retained its Retina Display with a whopping 326ppi intact. With that added screen space, you now have five rows of icons in addition to four shortcuts.

While the iPhone 5 is bigger it is also thinner. Apple claims that it is actually the thinnest in the world which we hope to verify a little later.

Back to the topic of the screen, as you would expect, unoptimized apps would have issues here. Well Tim Cook states that the apps will be letterboxed until they developers have time to adjust them to suit the extra space. So there’s no stretching and you can already enjoy widescreen movies with 44% better color saturation and full sRGB rendering here. Check out some pictures below while we add more details as Cook reveals them!

Update 1: the new dock connector has been revealed. It is 80 percent smaller and incorporates all the thing the old one did plus more.

iPhone 5 in pictures (TheVerge)

iPhone 5 in pictures (TheVerge)

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