iPhone 5? Hah! Just Call It 4S2 Given Its Minimal Upgrades [EW]

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The hype is building up around the next generation iPhone 5 as it is set to launch on the 12th September, two days away. While you can expect changes, if the rumours are true, you shouldn’t expect too much as some say that the new iPhone 5 will not be as innovative as it might have been made out to be reports eWeek (EW).

EW: iPhone 5 may not live up to hype, modest specs only

Many of the leaks regarding the improvements to the new iPhone 5 cannot be called blockbusters. Also some of the improvements are not as interesting as what Apple’s competition have been doing. Apple will have a more conservative approach to their hardware updates and this limits the company.

EW elaborates that it is thought that the new generation iPhone 5 will have a larger screen than previous models, perhaps around 4 inches. It is also thought that Apple will have changed the ratio of the display to 16:9. However a 4 inch display is tiny when you put against the display of such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 at 4.8 inches. The screen size limitation on the iPhone 5 is thought to be due to Apple keeping the same width on the device, just making it taller. Even with the Retina display the screen of the iPhone 5 will not come close to what is on some of the other handsets at the moment.

The iPhone 5 may support faster networking if it has support for LTE and HSPA+. The majority of handsets that come onto the market do support LTE so maybe it is time for Apple to catch up in the smartphone world. Apple may also be including support for NFC on their handset and again this is all about playing catch up with the handsets already on the market as opposed to being something groundbreaking.

Given that these modest upgrades have been seen on smartphones since back in 2011, will Apple still be able to deliver the hype one would expect from an iPhone 5 launch?

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