iPhone 5 Shortages Solved, But Is It Too Late?

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The iPhone 5 has been very popular and Apple has been struggling to meet the demand for the handset. They have seen their fair share of problems with the new handset, including scratching and scuffing and even workers at Foxconn laying down tools. However just in time for the Christmas period it seems that the problems of Apple may be over. Or so we think.

iPhone 5 shortage may be over

Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray analyst said that they had made nightly checks with 100 stores of Apple and that they had shown improvements when it came to stock during the last 10 days. Checks showed that stock with Sprint was at 92%, with AT&T in Apple stores it was at 82% and with Verizon is was 72%. The waiting period when ordering online had also gone down to two weeks.

Munster said that he thought that this meant things were improving for Apple and in 2 weeks’ time you should be able to get the iPhone 5 on the same day in Apple stores.

Analysts also said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 was doing very well in sales and had sold around 18 million units during Q3. This should be compared to the 16.2 million that the iPhone 4S sold in the same period. This would suggest that the S3 has beaten the iPhone 4S and is the best-selling device. Samsung have gone from no sales to sales of more than 50 handsets in two years, which is better than their competitors, including Apple.

While the iPhone 5 is now able to sell quicker, the question is do they have enough time to get back the best-seller title that the 4S lost to the Samsung Galaxy S3. Even if holiday sales are great, analyst predict around 26 million iPhone 5 units sold by the time the holidays are here. The S3 of course has surpassed 30 million.

And things may not be all that much better next year if rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S4 launching in February 2013 come to fruition.

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