US: iPhone 5 Now Shipping To Customer’s Doorsteps

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Carriers in the US are starting to ship out the iPhone 5. Verizon have started handing out notifications to those who pre-ordered the smartphone to ensure that they will get the handsets for the 21st of September. It is however thought that some of the orders could arrive early, however Apple in the past have been very strict about making sure that couriers keep hold of the iPhones until the launch date arrives.

iPhone 5 now shipping

BGR though have said that the iPhone 5 has already made it into some customer hands as can be been seen in photos of the unboxing of the handset. Just where this unboxing actually took place is not sure and it may be that it is a iPhone 5 model which came direct from the manufacturers of Apple.

The unboxing shows the EarPods, the lightning cable and the adapter for the wall socket. So who was the lucky one to be able to get their hands on the latest iPhone 5 before the official launch date? We’ll never know.

On a side note, the iPhone 5 is selling like hotcakes on eBay, with one auction closing at close to $10,000. These are obviously bids from fans who are overseas and won’t be getting the iPhone 5 in a couple of days like folks in the US, UK, Australia and a couple of other nations.

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