iPhone 5 Now Shipping, Here’s How To Track It

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Here is a tip for anyone who is wondering where their iPhone 5 is while it’s on its way to them, or who are just wondering which route their iPhone 5 is taking. You can track the whereabouts of your iPhone 5 even if you don’t have a tracking number.

iPhone 5 now shipping, here’s how to track it

Of course no one has a tracking number as Apple have not given them out for orders of the iPhone 5 yet. But there is a way that you can still keep an eye on your iPhone 5 order and its whereabouts.

Tracking your order is actually quite simple. Just head over to the website of UPS and then choose “Track by Reference”. Where it says “Shipment reference” all you have to do is type in the phone number that you used when making your purchase.

We don’t know if this works if you bought your iPhone 5 from a carrier store, however it does work if you made the purchase through the Apple Store like the majority of folks did on pre-order day. Of course for all those who have bought the new iPhone, 5 Friday simply cannot arrive quick enough.

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